The Summer Mix Tape Returns! (And an update!)

A couple of years back I started publishing a Summer Mix Tape, where each day of my summer holiday I would post a new song, whether it be a daily discovery or a tune that expressed that day. For it’s in the summer time that adventures spring to life, new stories begin, and discoveries know no bounds! Sadly, due to life and school, I had to stop posting my mix tape, but this summer I’m bringing it back!

For each day I will post a song, whether old or new, hoping to share my summer days and spread the adventurous spirit that the nice weather brings. I hope to as well once the summer comes to a close to compile them altogether and create a physical copy, a memory of what I hope to be an unforgettable summer (and if anyone would like, I could send it to them as well!).

So I ask you! Is there a song you’d like to see on the mix? Is there a tune that just screams summer? Brings back those warm and wonderful memories? I’d love to hear them, old or new, do send them my way.

Along with that, expect more album reviews and a whole slew of wonderful tunes springing with the warm weather coming! So lets throw off the layers and get going on those adventures!



the summer mix tape 2014.jpg

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