THE SUMMER MIX TAPE: Day Nine & Ten | “5 Years Time” by Noah And The Whale and “Anna Sun” by Walk The Moon

Yesterday I wore shorts for the first time without tights or stockings and it was a glorious moment. Of course, it was also the first time everyone could see the scar on my leg from surgery and while it’s nerve wracking what others may be thinking, I am not hiding under pants and tights the entire spring and summer season. So I’ve got to suck it up and embrace all of me, no matter what anyone thinks. Plus, if anyone asks, I got it from wrestling a bear, because you know, that’s what we do here in Canada. Duh.

AloTHE SUMMER MIX TAPE ~ DAY NINE & TEN.jpgng with the broadening of my wardrobe, I must share my undying love for handwritten letters. Receiving letters make distances a little more bearable. Of course Skype calls do that too but… getting letters shows someone put time and effort into something, for you. Letters are so personal and wonderful, I love it. Hand written letters tossed together with mix tapes combines for an explosion of good vibes in my books and I just may be creating a new mix as I type this. So lets get down to business and take a listen to the newest additions to the summer mix tape.

DAY NINE: “5 Years Time” by Noah And The Whale

DAY TEN: “Anna Sun” by Walk The Moon

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