Mini Reviews: “LoveBlood” by King Charles

It was the summer of 2012 and I was working with McMaster University’s Student Success Centre on their Welcome Week production of IRIS when I first came into contact with the musical wonder that is King Charles. During a rehearsal one day, our director and a friend of mine, put on the song “Ivory Road” for warm-up/break and I instantly fell in love. From that point, I grabbed hold of the album and I was not disappointed in the slightest by its contents.

Each song flowed into one another flawlessly, creating a perfect range of both upbeat tunes and pleasant melodies. It’s a great album for those breezy autumn days and is an ideal companion for the transitional time from those autumn days into the wintery cold that lay ahead. While I enjoy the album as a whole, my favourite songs from the record include (and are not limited to), “Ivory Road”, “Lady Percy”, and “Mississippi Isabel”.


  1. “LoveBlood”
  2. “Mississippi Isabel”
  3. “Bam Bam”
  4. “Love Lust”
  5. “Polar Bear”
  6. “Lady Percy”
  7. “Ivory Road”
  8. “The Brightest Lights (feat. Mumford and Sons)”
  9. “Beating Hearts”
  10. “Coco Chitty”
  11. “Wilde Love”



An Evening of Mix Tapes | To The Moon (October 8th 2014) and The Air In My Lungs (October 14th 2014)

to the moon (October 8th 2014)

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“Change is the only constant.” Heraclitus

  1. Real Thing by tUnE-yArDs
  2. Sweet Spot by Wild Beasts
  3. That Black Bat Licorice by Jack White
  4. Idiom Wind by Zammuto
  5. Chester’s Burst Over The Hamptons by Kishi Bashi
  6. River by Mountain Man
  7. Neutered Fruit by St. Vincent
  8. Wait For A Minute by tUnE-yArDs
  9. Idiot Mantra by Adult Jazz
  10. How’m I’m Doin’ by Mountain Man


the air my lungs (October 14th 2014)

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The forever other half to my heart, the pulse in my bloodstream, and the end of my red thread.

  1. A Million Years by Alexander
  2. Bridge Burn by Little Comets
  3. First Day Of My Life by Bright Eyes
  4. Bonedigger by Adult Jazz
  5. Time To Run by Lord Huron
  6. Hannah by Freelance Whales
  7. Love Ain’t Enough by The Barr Brothers
  8. The Gardener by The Tallest Man On Earth