Beginning to Bloom (March 31st 2015)


There are good moments then minutes of hiding away. Times of sadness and days of sunshine. All we wish is not to be forgotten and to become what we always hoped.

  1. Young Lion by Vampire Weekend
  2. Wet Cement by The Morning Benders
  3. Michicant by Bon Iver
  4. September by The Shins
  5. Mary by Noah and the Whale
  6. Blood Flood by Alt-J
  7. Bridge Burn by Little Comets
  8. Hannah Hunt by Vampire Weekend



Mini Reviews: “Hesitant Alien” by Gerard Way

I must admit, I’ve been a fan of Gerard Way from the My Chemical Romance days. From the first time I saw the video for “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)”  on my television screen, teenage me was enthralled by the music and instantly feel in love with the sound coming from my screen and to my ears. But this isn’t a My Chemical Romance appreciation post.

For me, as soon as I heard Gerard Way was making a solo album, I knew I had to look up the songs that were posted in anticipation for the album and once again, I was hooked. Perhaps I’m biased to a point, but Way has always captured me with his vocal skills and the melodies created throughout his new album have caught my attention once again and has be bobbing along whether I’m riding the tube into the city or walking down the street.

While My Chemical Romance had a more rough edge to their music, especially in the earlier albums, Way comes forth with a new sound, infused with rock and brit undertones, as I believe was his intention. The overall aesthetic makes you feel badass and sends good vibes through and through. Some of my favourite tracks from the album include, “Action Cat”, “No Shows”, and “Millions”.


  1. “The Bureau”
  2. “Action Cat”
  3. “No Shows”
  4. “Brother”
  5. “Millions”
  6. “Zero Zero”
  7. “Juarez”
  8.  “Drugstore Perfume”
  9. “Get The Gang Together”
  10. “How It’s Going To Be”
  11. “Maya The Psychic”


A Quarter of a Century

Today marks my 25th birthday, it’s been a whirlwind of an adventure and I can’t wait for the next 25 (It feels weird saying that) And what’s a great way to start off the day then to create a lovely playlist of songs for you — Because what’s a better way to celebrate a time like this then with friends and good music. So put on your favourite outfit, pop in your headphones, grab some cake, and press play; Time for a musical adventure, quarter of a century style.

“Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?” by She & Him
“New Wave” by Sleater Kinney
“The Boy With The Arab Strap” by Belle and Sebastian
“Dancehall Domine” by The New Pornographers
“Kiss With A Fist” by Florence + The Machine
“Action Cat” by Gerard Way
“Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars
“Sleepyhead” by Passion Pit
“40 Day Dream” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
“The Bleeding Heart Show” by The New Pornographers


Monday Moods: “Sebastian” by Reptar, “Pink Moon” by Nick Drake, and “The Bleeding Hearts Show” by The New Pornographers

Every day has a different feeling, a different framework of motions and thoughts. Mondays are never the best, no day can be great, but then can also be the opposite, they can be wonderful. Here’s an excerpt from my writing for this late Monday evening.. Listen to the tracks, immerse yourself in whatever you’re doing and just breathe.

Believe in beauty even when you think there is none left in the world. Try and keep your heart open, let your eyes see and your organs feel. No matter what, don’t give up. No matter how hard, no matter how terribly wretched it may become, attempt to keep some shred of hope alive. For it may be the last strand of dreams left.