Now Playing: “Symmetry” by Tropic of Pisces, “Bronze” by Ace Reporter, and “New Hobbies” by Fort Lean

Even though it’s just past 11:00PM and maybe you’re either relaxing it up at home or with friends or perhaps out and about, dancing to some killer tracks and leaving your worries at the doorstep, these tunes will keep your evening to the flow you desire. Whether in a chill or upbeat atmosphere, all create that ideal state you crave.

Thanks again to Ooh La La Records for the musical mail, including a two-sided record featuring Ace Reporter and Tropic of Pisces and some killer stickers of Ace Reporter and Fort Lean.



Monday Moods: “Hope You’re Staying” and “Beverly Hills” by SWIMM and “Good As New” by Vacationer

Not every day is the weather at a perfect balance, not too breezy and not too scorching hot. There’s a little bit of a psychedelic feel in the air. A fluidity and movement  unknown and known at the same time.  Something there that wasn’t there before.