Disrupted (January 13th 2016)

Better late than never! A new addition to the mix tape collection and just the start of more incoming tapes, of which I hope to infuse with warm weather vibes and melodies to follow suit.


All kinds of things mashed into one.

  1. Jackie and Wilson by Hozier
  2. Lover by Devendra Banhart
  3. Hello Operator by The White Stripes
  4. Nicotine and Gravy by Beck
  5. Queen Bitch by David Bowie
  6. Love Interruption by Jack White
  7. This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) by Talking Heads
  8. Tripping Billies by Dave Matthews Band

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A crazy few months!

Over the past few months I’ve been moving around in the real world and unfortunately haven’t had a chance to post my latest musical findings and some sweet gigs I was able to attend. Thankfully the crazy is making way for some time to write and thus a major catch up of music discoveries and concerts over the past few weeks will begin to sprout forth on the blogosphere. So keep your eyes pealed and let me leave you with some Pixies love for your Wednesday evening.