Mix Tapes

A combination of musical interludes and melodic harmony in the form of a mix.

It’s Time To Take On The World (March 29th 2014) – Listen Here

“What’s done is done, what’s done will be done. We ourselves never know where life may take us. So lets jump right in to the adventures that await at the bottom of this great leap and expect all the unexpected.”

  1. Glacier by James Vincent McMorrow
  2. Team by Lorde
  3. Falling by HAIM
  4. Rude by MAGIC!
  5. Symmetry by Tropic Of Pisces
  6. The Magic Position by Patrick Wolf
  7. Scar by Lucy Rose
  8. Relator by Scarlett Johansson & Pete Yorn



As The Snowflakes Fall (December 11th 2013) – Listen Here

“Because when those first few lighter than air individualists start to land on our noses and freshly brushed hair, we know not long after will the sky turn a coral hue and ignite the warm glow that is this season.”

  1. Sally’s Theme by Alec Puro
  2. Happy by Pharrell Williams
  3. Bonfire Heart by James Blunt
  4. Underdog by Imagine Dragons
  5. Black Gold by Foals
  6. Swim And Sleep (Like A Shark) by Unknown Mortal Orchestra
  7. Seven Stars (feat. Victoria Legrand) by Air
  8. Shake It Out by Florence + The Machine




Stars In Your Eyes (July 23rd 2013) – Listen Here

Phosphenes: n. “The stars and colours you see when you rub your eyes.”

  1. I’ll Be There For You by The Rembrandts
  2. Fall by Devendra Banhart
  3. Lily by Benjamin Gibbard
  4. Swim And Sleep (Like A Shark) by Unknown Mortal Orchestra
  5. New Shoes by Paolo Nutini
  6. LA Calling by Crystal Fighters
  7. Just A Cloud Away by Pharrell
  8. Whatsapper by MC Fitti



Radiate Positive Vibes (June 7th 2013) – Listen Here

“From when the sun comes up and the warmth fills our souls to the time of dimming lights and brightening stars above our heads.”

  1. Waves by Electric Guest
  2. Diane Young by Vampire Weekend
  3. Live Your Life by Mika
  4. Let Me Take You Out by Class Actress
  5. Unbelievers by Vampire Weekend
  6. Dreaming by Tennis
  7. Dark & Stormy by Hot Chip
  8. Get Lucky by Daft Punk feat. Pharrell & Nile Rodgers



Spring Lights (May 14th 2013) – Listen Here

“The embrace of warm weather encompasses our arms and comforts our shoulders. The sense of spring is strong and the incoming seasonal shift is about to ignite our limbs into frivolous movement.”

  1. With Me by Joshua Radin
  2. Mississipi Isabel by King Charles
  3. Always Alright by Alabama Shakes
  4. Baby by She & Him
  5. Ya Hey by Vampire Weekend
  6. Upside Down by Jack Johnson
  7. Bermondsey Street by Patrick Wolf
  8. Perennials by Widowspeak



Rosy Breezes (May 6th 2013) – Listen Here

“Sweet emotion, bonded through something beyond words, warm rushes of weather, sun shining through the leaves; an increased euphoria.”

  1. Faithful Heights by Night Beds 
  2. House by Patrick Wolf
  3. Man On Fire (Little Daylight Remix) by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
  4. Devil Knows by Widowspeak
  5. Borrowed Time by Night Beds
  6. Walking Lightly by Junip
  7. When We’re Together by Joshua Radin
  8. The City by Patrick Wolf
Photo Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/juneiversen/8620314350/

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