On Repeat: “Clap Hands” by Tom Waits and “Stop, I’m Already Dead” by Deadboy and the Elephantmen

Because who doesn’t like to start their Tuesdays with a bit of grit.



Mini Reviews: “If I Was” by The Staves

I can’t remember the first time I listened to The Staves but I know it was definitely one of those live outdoor acoustic sets on Youtube; they were standing outside, it looked picturesque and the music was more than I imagined. There was something from the moment those musical vibrations filtered through my ear that I knew it was essential to look up another video then to another and another. I knew it was in those moments that I was taken away to somewhere else, somewhere wonderful and I didn’t want to go back.

As I sit here, I am currently listening to their newest record, “If I Was”, a little late to the party as usual, I am still entranced by the song that just ended, ‘Damn It All’. While there is no connecting musical link between the songs as seen on some albums, the tracks seem to bond with one another even if they aren’t meant to aesthetically. Perhaps it’s general calm but powerful tone that emanates off The Staves, but it is definitely visible in each vocal melody and harmony and with each slow strum of a guitar or tap of the tambourine.

The next track playing now is ‘Horizons’ and I just know I need to learn this on the piano. Unfortunately it seems there is no sheet music to be found but nonetheless I will figure out how to transfer chords over to sheet music or something of the like, but back to the album! With this one, while not all the tracks catch my ear as easy as some, the ones that stand more prominently in mind than the rest, include Black & White, Horizons, and Teeth White.

All in all, if you like folksy rock with a hint of an almost nature-infused melody then The Staves’s newest album is for you – A mixture of calm, cool, and collected with that rock grit  so many know and love.


  1. “Blood I Bled”
  2. “Steady”
  3. “No Me, No You, No More”
  4. “Let Me Down”
  5. “Black & White”
  6. “Damn It All”
  7. “The Shining”
  8. “Don’t You Call Me Anymore”
  9. “Horizons”
  10. “Teeth White”
  11. “Make It Holy”
  12. “Sadness Don’t Own Me”


Now Playing: Bob Dylan

It’s a chill kind of evening. Mug of tea by my side, mind at ease, going through work at a leisurely pace, and Dylan playing in the background.

“Changing Of The Guards”

“Tangled Up In Blue”

“Like A Rolling Stone”

“If You See Her, Say Hello”

Honey, Honey (August 25th 2015)

A little delayed, but here is the newest mix tape in my collection. Enjoy!


Flip the switch on your time machine and lets go back to those groovy tunes of the past and have that rhythm and jive fill your veins and get you in that good mindset.

  1. Sugar, Sugar by The Archies
  2. Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard by Paul Simon
  3. Shelter From The Storm by Bob Dylan
  4. Here Comes My Baby by Cat Stevens
  5. Queen Bitch by David Bowie
  6. I’m Your Boogie Man by K.C. & The Sunshine Band
  7. Rasputin by Boney M
  8. Hooked On A Feeling by Blue Swede


Undone Regeneration (July 29th 2015)


Disconnected for moments in time but always finding a way back. No matter the time, the place, the contradictions and convulsions, we share a groove in our veins and a shock to the heart.

  1. Blue Blood by Foals
  2. Radar Detector by Darwin Deez
  3. Young Love (feat. Laura Marling) by Mystery Jets
  4. Need Your Love (RAC Remix) by The Temper Trap
  5. Get To Heaven by Everything Everything
  6. Ambling Amp by Yeasayer
  7. Always Like This by Bombay Bicycle Club
  8. Young by Dog Is Dead

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