Monday Moods: “Ain’t That Easy” and “Sugah Daddy” by D’Angelo and the Vanguard

Some funkadelic groovy tunes for the beginning of the work week but a nice low key for the end of the day. A little smooth and a whole lot of cool sound to pulsate through your earpieces.


Saturday Sunshine Vibes: “This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)” by Talking Heads, “Multi Love” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and “Going Under Cover (Flaurése Leis Remix)” by John Bull & The Bandits

The sun’s on it’s way out, the temperature is rising to the high twenties and a full day of work is laid out before you. So what’s the best way to start your day and get you in the zone for the hectic ahead? Grab a bite of breakfast, a swig of your favourite beverage, and press play on these upbeat and groovy tunes to get you going and smiling and dancing till the end.

Mini Reviews: “Sound & Colour” by Alabama Shakes

When I heard Alabama Shakes would be coming  out with a new album my anticipation was high and ready for the music that was to come. As soon as I got a hold of “Sound & Colour” and hit play on the first track, dually named after the title of the album, I was blown away. I have never been taken aback and put into a wonderful musical trance. I cannot tell you how many times I have listened to this album on repeat, as it is one of the few I’m able to do so and enjoy each song as if it were the first time I was hearing it.

Unlike Alabama Shakes’ first album, “Sound & Colour” is more polished and the fluidity is apparent between the moods  and feel of each track in comparison to one another. It’s a good balance between slow sounds to upbeat and rocking tunes. While some tracks have that gritty southern feel that is well known to the band, like the song “The Greatest”, they’ve brought forth some new delights and musical changes to their sound, a sort of percussive organ smoothness, including the album’s titled song, “Sound & Colour”.

To me, it comes across as a view of each and every one of us, perhaps the thoughts and emotions racking up inside of us, waiting to burst out and be free. It grabs a hold of your heart, your inner most you and brings it forth to the movements of the sound.

As one of my top albums in my headphones, the tracks I highly recommend if not diving headfirst into the record is your style, would be “Sound & Colour”, “Don’t Wanna Fight”, “Dunes”, “Gimme All Your Love”, and “The Greatest”. But each tune has their own distinct sound and I would highly recommend giving every one a listen at least once if not more.


  1. “Sound & Colour”
  2. “Don’t Wanna Fight”
  3. “Dunes”
  4. “Future People”
  5. “Gimme All Your Love”
  6. “This Feeling”
  7. “Guess Who”
  8. “The Greatest”
  9. “Shoegaze”
  10. “Miss You”
  11. “Gemini”


Gone to a Gig | Lord Huron @ the KOKO London (03/06/15)

This past week, Wednesday to be exact, after much frantic reorganizing and almost missing the show itself, I was able to partake in the wonderful music by the one and only Lord Huron!

The Venue: The infamous KOKO, a place I had continuously heard about and noticed in the past was a place many of my favourite artists appeared, did not disappoint. With it’s illustrious character and noticeable history apparent in it’s decor, you’d know that if it’s walls could talk they’d have stories to tell. One small downside was the maze of hallways and stairwells that were confusing at first. But after one go around and making it to the main stage, we were set.

koko london

I was able to snap a few shots between performances and after the concert itself. While my phone’s camera couldn’t capture the essence of the venue, you can at least begin to witness the ornate wonder and detail that’s within it’s interior — From the raised mouldings to the dark red walls and the layers of balconies and musically charged atmosphere throughout, this was one place I’ll definitely be returning to.

The Show: The performances began around 7:00pm – 7:30pm, opening with  Bhi Bhiman. Unfortunately, I was only able to hear his last few songs, but from the small excerpt I heard I enjoyed the sounds coming from the stage and I will definitely be giving him a looksie online and checking out more of his stuff.


Lord Huron went on at 9:15pm and that’s when the upbeat magic began. First off, their stage set up, including their album colour inspired backdrops and the ambient music they played between songs was a great addition to the overall experience. It set the mood for their overall style, something I like to think as a little rustic and rough with upbeat and rockin’ vibes dispersed throughout. The melodic moods in between helped break up the silences between tracks, as sometimes witnessed during shows and created a nice fluidity between the range of tunes and the overall feel of the show.

Their set list had a nice balance of old and new, including tracks such as ‘Lonesome Dreams’ and ‘Cursed’, and ending on one of my favourite tunes of theirs, ‘Time To Run’, which I most definitely jammed out to, dancing up and down and singing along with every word. Along with the great music, their stage performance was like nothing I expected. Having been my first time seeing them live, I was delightfully blown away by their upbeat demeanour and multiple blasting of rifts between guitars, bass, and percussion alike. The whole audience, both in front of the stage beside me and up in the balconies around, all were jamming out to the tunes and just having an incredible time till the end. All in all, it was a wonderful experience and I would be more than happy to see them in concert again!


Be sure to check out their newest album, ‘Strange Trails’, available on Vinyl, CD, and digital download on iTunes, and Amazon and if you like what you here, make sure to try and grab a ticket to their tour on now!

Now Playing: “Symmetry” by Tropic of Pisces, “Bronze” by Ace Reporter, and “New Hobbies” by Fort Lean

Even though it’s just past 11:00PM and maybe you’re either relaxing it up at home or with friends or perhaps out and about, dancing to some killer tracks and leaving your worries at the doorstep, these tunes will keep your evening to the flow you desire. Whether in a chill or upbeat atmosphere, all create that ideal state you crave.

Thanks again to Ooh La La Records for the musical mail, including a two-sided record featuring Ace Reporter and Tropic of Pisces and some killer stickers of Ace Reporter and Fort Lean.