Monday Moods: “High Ticket Attractions” by The New Pornographers

You know it’ll be a good morning when you wake up and get re-reminded that one of your favourite bands released a new album along with all the other new albums that have come out recently. Hooray for new music! Time to have a mini jam session throughout today to some sweet tunes.


Heroes Will Rise

This post will probably be short and sweet. You can find a new tune, whether it be from a video game, a live music channel, or skimming through tracks in your library, you could discover the sparkliest gem when you aren’t necessarily looking. With that, enjoy my little finds and discoveries, perhaps one of them will be your next favourite song.

“Who Do You Voodoo B*tch?” by Sam B (From Dead Island)
While I’m not much into rap per say, this tune definitely caught my ear in the opening sequence of this zombie slaying game.

“Beauty Of Dawn” by Malukah for The Elder Scrolls Online
This song makes me wish I was a Elf even more. And a mage too. And my life was the Elder Scrolls.

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