Sunday Evening Sounds

This weekend, no matter how embarrassing it may be to state, has been filled with re-watching the Netflix Original Series “Mako Mermaids” because who hasn’t ever wanted to be a mermaid? To be able to swim amongst the ocean life, discovering hidden caves and things not normally seen. To be amongst the wonder would be oh so lovely.

So with that in mind, enjoy one of my favourite songs from my childhood (and most definitely a VHS tape I still own).

“At The Codfish Ball” from Disney Sing-a-long Songs: Under The Sea


Sundays are for Soundtracks: “Wall-E (2008)”

Disney and Pixar aren’t for everyone and in the same train of thought, instrumentally-based soundtracks aren’t for all either. I, myself, am guilty to love both and it’s with this love that this week’s soundtrack encompasses both those preferences.

The film, Wall-E, tells the tale of a lonesome, little robot and his life on a now deserted planet earth. All humans have left due to lack of vegetation and all other Wall-E-like robots have died out on the planet. But cute Wall-E survives, lives in the cutest self-made home, and lives day-to-day simply and soundly until everything gets shook up.

The music throughout wonderfully and magically plays into the actions and emotions of the characters, as with most films, but it is as if each instrument was picked specifically, each designed to coincide with the movements and moments of the story playing out. With that it’s as if each instrumental piece gives life not only to scenes but to characters themselves — Breathing life into once two-dimensional beings into full blown living organisms.

It allows the audience to connect to the robotic life on screen and create a physical connection between the human world and the mechanical. Through the use of old melodies and new instrumental creations, the world of earth and the story of WALL-E and EVE and every human on the spaceship become real before our eyes and a new story unfolds.


  1. Put Your Sunday Clothes by Michael Crawford
  2. 2815 A.D. by Thomas Newman
  3. WALL-E by Thomas Newman
  4. The Spaceship by Thomas Newman
  5. EVE by Thomas Newman
  6. Thrust by Thomas Newman
  7. Bubble Wrap by Thomas Newman
  8. La Vie en Rose by Louis Armstrong
  9. Eye Surgery by Thomas Newman
  10. Worry Wait by Thomas Newman
  11. First Date by Thomas Newman
  12. EVE Retrieve by Thomas Newman
  13. The Axiom by Thomas Newman
  14. BNL by Thomas Newman and Bill Bernstein
  15. Foreign Contaminant by Thomas Newman
  16. Repair Ward by Thomas Newman
  17. 72 Degrees and Sunny by Thomas Newman
  18. Typing Bot by Thomas Newman
  19. Septuacentennial by Thomas Newman
  20. Gopher by Thomas Newman
  21. WALL-E’s Pod Adventure by Thomas Newman
  22. Define Dancing by Thomas Newman and Peter Gabriel
  23. No Splashing No Diving by Thomas Newman
  24. All That Love’s About by Thomas Newman
  25. M-O by Thomas Newman
  26. Directive A-113 by Thomas Newman
  27. Mutiny! by Thomas Newman
  28. Fixing WALL-E by Thomas Newman
  29. Rogue Robots by Thomas Newman
  30. March of the Gels by Thomas Newman
  31. Tilt by Thomas Newman
  32. The Holo-Detector by Thomas Newman
  33. Hyperjump by Thomas Newman
  34. Desperate EVE by Thomas Newman
  35. Static by Thomas Newman
  36. It Only Takes A Moment by Michael Crawford
  37. Down To Earth by Thomas Newman and Peter Gabriel
  38. Horizon 12.2 by Thomas Newman


It’s a little Frozen over here

Yesterday I watched the newest Disney film ‘Frozen’ and I fell in love. My sister and I also came to the conclusion, we’re the two main characters. Myself as Elsa, her as Anna. Now to spread the ‘Frozen’ love, enjoy some of my favourite songs from the film.

‘In Summer’ by Josh Gad

‘Let It Go’ by Idina Menzel 

‘For The First Time In Forever’ by Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel

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