Saturday Sunshine Vibes: “Sagres” by The Tallest Man On Earth, “Brill Bruisers” by The New Pornographers, and “The Party Line” by Belle and Sebastian

Whether you’re outside enjoying those glorious rays or are sitting inside, window cracked open, and sun peering in, these tunes will mix perfectly with the warmth wafting all around and the happy feelings it evokes within. Get up and dance or bob your head around, whatever you do, just enjoy the lovely no matter what.


Time to take a trip to Pandora

As some of you might not know or may already have an inkling about, I myself am a gamer of sorts. I play on a selection of mediums and with a lovely group of individuals I might add, but back to the main topic at hand.

Music in games, for me, can either make or break the game. The auditorial components to any game is key in adding atmosphere, mood, emotion, intensity, suspense, and a whole variety of things. There are games I can listen to the entire orchestral soundtrack (BioShock, Fallout 3, etc) and feel as though you’re right there in the game, whether your walking down the street or sitting on the train into work. If an opening sequence to a game gives me the chills, grasps me in heart and soul, then it’s a keeper.

One such game as hinted at in the title is the badassest, kickassable game around :: Borderlands 2!

Song featured, “Short Change Hero” by Heavy

“Breaking Down The Borders” by Miracle Of Sound

“Short Change Hero” (Cover) by Rexon

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I’m a Ravenclaw, I like to read books.. we’re better in Stereo!

So there are those songs that are relentless for being so catchy you feel bad for listening to them but you just can’t seem to get away. This song for instance, plays continuously on Family Channel (Yes, I do watch this sometimes while I’m waiting for my show to come on), and while the lyrics seem to connect with me on an odd level, the tune is catchy, and to be frank, I’m not sorry I like it so much. AH-HA a twist! So here’s to the quirky song from Family Channel and I’ll add another song for your listening pleasure, which is totally awesome and I love and it’s by Ministry of Magic. Enjoy!

“Better In Stereo” by Dove Cameron

“House Song” by Ministry of Magic

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Spring Lights (May 14th 2013)


“The embrace of warm weather encompasses our arms and comforts our shoulders. The sense of spring is strong and the incoming seasonal shift is about to ignite our limbs into frivolous movement.”

  1. With Me by Joshua Radin
  2. Mississipi Isabel by King Charles
  3. Always Alright by Alabama Shakes
  4. Baby by She & Him
  5. Ya Hey by Vampire Weekend
  6. Upside Down by Jack Johnson
  7. Bermondsey Street by Patrick Wolf
  8. Perennials by Widowspeak


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