Late Night Jams: “Marinate feat. Wilki” by VICEROY and “Celebration (Royce Wood Jr Remix)” by Jamie Woon

Marinate your body, marinate your soul. For when you fall asleep at 7:00PM only to wake up at 10:00PM wide awake.


Late Night Melodies: “Dancing In The Moonlight (Thin Lizzy Cover) by Alt-J and “Featherstone” by The Paper Kites

Because it’s in the late hours of the evening and the early hours of the morning, in those moments when the moon has fallen asleep but the stars still linger and the sun has yet to come out. Thinking, dreaming, lying next to that one person. Just a little bit closer.


It’s a little late, time to drift.

The clock’s about to strike 11:00PM, you’re relaxing and waiting for sleep to take your thoughts away into another world. Placing your headphones on, clicking play, let the melody take you away a little early and engulf your entire concept of mind.

“Every Other Freckle” by Alt-J

“Sunflowers In The Sky” by RÉN


A smoke and a great big hug.

That would be much needed at this very moment, but for now all I can do is listen to songs that remind me of the one person that has and forever will be my best friend till the end of time and until I can get that hug and that smoke. I really want to play LEGO together too. Sigh.

“A Million Years” by Alexander

“Everlasting Light” by The Black Keys

“Fiya Wata” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros


Popular Song by Mika ft. Ariana Grande

Guilty Pleasures 101

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Close to Midnight Tunes

Daily Music Findings (05/29/13)

“Treat Me Right” by Keys N Krates

“So Good At Being In Trouble” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

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