Late Night Jams: “Marinate feat. Wilki” by VICEROY and “Celebration (Royce Wood Jr Remix)” by Jamie Woon

Marinate your body, marinate your soul. For when you fall asleep at 7:00PM only to wake up at 10:00PM wide awake.


Saturday Sunshine Vibes: “This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)” by Talking Heads, “Multi Love” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and “Going Under Cover (Flaurése Leis Remix)” by John Bull & The Bandits

The sun’s on it’s way out, the temperature is rising to the high twenties and a full day of work is laid out before you. So what’s the best way to start your day and get you in the zone for the hectic ahead? Grab a bite of breakfast, a swig of your favourite beverage, and press play on these upbeat and groovy tunes to get you going and smiling and dancing till the end.

Oh oh ah oh.. Songs for a Friday Evening.

Through the magical world of twitter and the account of the phenomenal magazine (and my absolute favourite) Company Magazine I discovered the band of HAIM. This group of girls whose hair is pretty similar to my own, just made me love my own long hair even more. But enough about hairstyles and my hippy like locks and swerving WAY off topic, lets get to the music.

The few songs by them that I came across are an infusion of different time periods, perhaps even different genres. A little 80s, a little 90s. They’re tunes that catch your ears and linger there. Infiltrating your mind and pushing it to listen to the song just one more time.

“Falling” by HAIM

“Send Me Down (Dan Lissvik Remix)” by HAIM

“The Wire” by HAIM

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