Monday Moods: “Hope You’re Staying” and “Beverly Hills” by SWIMM and “Good As New” by Vacationer

Not every day is the weather at a perfect balance, not too breezy and not too scorching hot. There’s a little bit of a psychedelic feel in the air. A fluidity and movement  unknown and known at the same time.  Something there that wasn’t there before.


Sunbeams and Shorelines (April 27th 2015)


“Fog in the valley
as Spring still lingers beyond.
Soon it will warm us.”  by Tyler Knott Gregson

  1. Radio War by Iron & Wine
  2. Funny Little Frog by Belle and Sebastian
  3. My Boy William by Little Comets
  4. French Navy by Camera Obscura
  5. Casimir Pulaski Day by Sufjan Stevens
  6. Do The Whirlwind by Architecture In Helsinki
  7. Lover by Devendra Banhart
  8. The Canals Of Our City by Beirut
  9. Lost Coastlines by Okkervil River
  10. M79 by Vampire Weekend


Mini Reviews: “Hope Is Just A State Of Mind” by Little Comets

From the very beginning, Little Comets has amazed and brought musical delight to me. The first time I heard “Tricolour” off their initial album, “In Search of Elusive Little Comets”, I fell  in love 100% and all thanks to someone near and dear to me. But back to Little Comets!

Their newest album compliments the changing of the seasons into warmer and sunnier days perfectly. The fluidity of the songs is key and spot on throughout the record, filling your veins with positive vibes; making you feel buoyant with cheerful-happy-wonderfulness. While not all the songs have such an upbeat subject basis, the songs themselves, the melodies and tempo and overall structure of them create a lovely tune in your ears. From the lyrics to the notes and everything in between, it truly is a ‘gift of sound’ for you.

Very few musicians nowadays are able to create an album where every song is likeable in its own regard, but Little Comets has done it, and while I have difficulty in choosing just one favourite, some ones I suggest to listen to straight away include, “My Boy William”, “The Gift of Sound”, and “Wherewithal”. But in reality, I love the entire album, and I do suggest listening to the whole album from start to finish first because you will not be disappointed.

  1. “My Boy William”
  2. “B & B”
  3. “The Gift of Sound”
  4. “Formula”
  5. “Little Italy”
  6. “The Daily Grind”
  7. “Salt”
  8. “Effetism”
  9. “Wherewithal”
  10. “Fundamental Little Things”
  11. “Don’t Fool Yourself”
  12. “The Blur, the Line, & the Thickest of Onions”


Rosy Breezes (May 6th 2013)

Listen Here

“Sweet emotion, bonded through something beyond words, warm rushes of weather, sun shining through the leaves; an increased euphoria.”

  1. Faithful Heights by Night Beds
  2. House by Patrick Wolf
  3. Man On Fire (Little Daylight Remix) by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
  4. Devil Knows by Widowspeak
  5. Borrowed Time by Night Beds
  6. Walking Lightly by Junip
  7. When We’re Together by Joshua Radin
  8. The City by Patrick Wolf

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BEEKEEPING VOL. MAY ED. 2013 A unique blend of spring and summer, welcoming in the warm weather and distinct increase in euphoria the nice climate brings forth. Hello sun, we’ve missed you. A splendid mix from the Wild Honey Pie, be sure to check them out! TRACK LIST:

  1. “Shine” — Wild Belle
  2. “Only You” — Taken By Trees
  3. “Even When The Water’s Cold” — !!!
  4. “Get Lucky” – Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams
  5. “Sweater Weather” — The Neighbourhood
  6. “Tiff” — POLIÇA feat Justin Vernon
  7. “Out the Gate Backwards” — Young Galaxy
  8. “It’s Over” — Beatrice Eli
  9. “I’m Not Through” — OK Go
  10. “Timothy Shy” — Ducktails
  11. “Caught in the Briars” — Iron & Wine
  12. “Fog Of War” — Young Dreams
  13. “Videolove” – Hands
  14. “A Tooth for an Eye” – The Knife
  15. “Cirrus” – Bonobo
  16. “A Dancing Shell” – Wild Nothing
  17. “East Coast Girl” – Cayucas
  18. “Diane Young” — Vampire Weekend
  19. “Seen It All” – Jake Bugg
  20. “Walking Lightly” – Junip
  21. “Ankles” – Caveman
  22. “Twinkle Way” – Cokiyu feat. Baths
  23. “U Da Best” – Wet
  24. “Attracting Flies” – AlunaGeorge
  25. “Life Round Here” – James Blake
  26. “Under The Earth” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  27. “Those Waves” – Alessi’s Ark
  28. “Charade” – Belle Mare
  29. “The Beauty Surrounds” – Houses
  30. “Ocean’s Deep” – Born Ruffians
  31. “Live Your Life” – Yuna
  32. “Johnny’s Brother” – Connie Converse
  33. “Starting Over” – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

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